Artist Proofs

For every release of a Magic the Gathering or World of Warcraft card set, artists receive an average of 50 white-backed proofs of each card they created art for. Once they are sold out, that's it. They are no longer available . This makes them highly collectible.


Alan Pollack will also , for an additional charge of $15 US, create a one-of-a-kind sketch of his choosing on the white back of the card. A pen and ink sketch can be created for a fee of $75. An original oil painting can be created on the white back of an artist proof for a fee of $150. Requests are not accepted. That means no monkey-riding squirrels fighting dragons. Also, Alan does not do card alterations, meaning he will not take  a marker or pen to his card art and change it in any way. All proofs are signed by Alan free of charge.


White-backed artist's proofs are $5 each plus $6 shipping . More than 50 cards, please contact Alan with details and to determine shipping charges first before making payment. All cards will be packed in a protective envelope. Promo cards, foils, or tokens are $10 each unless specially marked.


If you are interested in purchasing artist's proofs, contact Alan with the names and quantity of the cards you are interested in. Also include your name , address and which cards, if any, require sketches.


Alan will supply you with the total and make payment arrangements. Paypal and personal checks are  accepted in US dollars.

Here is a complete list of Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft artist's proofs available arranged in order by set release. It is not a complete list of all cards Alan has created for these sets, just the ones still in his possession for purchase.

Ambush Viper
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Skittish Valesk
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Cyber Medusa
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Nova Cleric
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Improvised Armor
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Tauren Bear
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Cedric Darwin
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Decree of Justice
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Ghoul's Feast-9

Deepwood Ghoul-8



Rejuvenation Chamber-2


Rampant Elephant-19

Scavenged Weaponry-7

7TH Edition


Ivory Cup-4

Spineless Thug-19

Wall of Bone-19






Dega Disciple-20



Cephalid Scout-22



Waste Away-23



Ember Shot-22

Sudden Strength-23



Skittish Valesk-14

Run Wild-24

Profane Prayers-26



Deftblade Elite-13


Bonethorn Valesk-18

Karona's Zealot-15

Treetop Scout-1


8TH Edition

Deepwood Ghoul-37

Circle of Protection-28


Neurok Hoversail-1

Dark Steel

Wurm's Tooth-7

Demon's Horn-8

Kraken's Eye-2

Arcbound Hybrid-7

Dragon's Claw-3


5TH Dawn

Sawtooth Thresher-31



Candle's Glow-30

Eye of Nowhere-18

Matsu-Tribe Decoy-13


Akki Drillmaster-35

Sokenzan Renegade-16

Elder Pine of Jukai-34

Locust Miser-15


9TH Edition

Angel's Feather-28

Dragon's Claw-25

Kraken's Eye-28

Wurm's Tooth-29

Demon's Horn-30


Lore Broker-20

Goliath Spider-14

Grifter's Blade-21

Votary of the Conclave-38



Vigean Graftmage-31




Survivor of the Unseen-16

Orcish Bloodpainter-40

Time Spiral

Nightshade Assassin-11

Flowstone Channeler-31


Planar Chaos

Waning Wurm-22




Skeletal Changeling-26


10TH Edition

Demon's Horn-28

Wurm's Tooth-27

Angel's Feather-28

Dragon's Claw-19

Kraken's Eye-28



Noggin Whack-10

Veteran's Armaments-1


Shards of Alara

Outrider of Jhess-28

Guardians of Akrasa-30


2010 Core Set

Wurm's Tooth-24

Mirror of Fate-13

Dragon's Claw-19

Angel's Feather-19


Kraken's Eye-22

Demon's Horn-23


2011 Core Set

Wurm's Tooth-33

Demon's Horn-33

Dragon's Claw-29

Kraken's Eye-33

Angel's Feather-33


Scars of Mirrodin

Accorder's Shield-35

Copper Myr-1

2012 Core Set

Wurm's Tooth-35

Demon's Horn-32

Dragon's Claw-31

Kraken's Eye-35

Angel's Feather-34




Traveler's Amulet-43

Ambush Viper-19


2014 Core Set

Accorder's Shield-45


Commander 2014

Mask of Memory-1


Commander 2015



Modern Masters


Vigean Graftmage-56

Vigean Graftmage(foil)-24

Commander 2018

Paladium Myr-48

Desolation Giant-54

Commander Anthology Vol.2

Prismatic Lens-55

Masters 25

Karona's Zealot-15

Karona's Zealot-50

 Core 21

Palladium Myr-50

Palladium Myr-30



Read the Runes-50

Commander Legends

Mask of Memory-50

Mask of Memory(Foil)-40

Ambush Viper(foil)-30

Ambush Viper-33

Promo Cards


Golem's Heart promo(foil)-4





World of Warcraft

Arcanite Dragonling

A Final Sacrifice

Wyler Surestrike

Vinicator Falaan

Vindicator Lorin

Sacrificial Poison

Cloak of Subjugated Power


Frostwolf Insignia

Extract of Necromantic Power


Bloodsea Brigand's vest

Arcane Warding

Arcane Tactics

Unholy Presence

Holy Strike

Vengeful Gladiator's Cleaver


Maleful Necromancer

Daralis the Sanctifier

Hood of the Exodus

Cedric Darwin

Rosalyne von Erantor

Krezza the Explosive

Lena Naville

Barim's Main Gauche